Things to Do and Food to Try at the Minnesota State Fair

As mentioned in a previous post, I had plans to go to the Minnesota State Fair, as I do every year. Most years, I either go on the weekend or after work during the week which is when it is packed with people. This year, I took the opportunity to only work a half day and then go to the State Fair for the remainder of the day. I went with a friend, whose husband is from Costa Rica and … Continue reading here.

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

The other week I went out to a local bar/restaurant, near my home, for $5 bucket of dry rub chicken wings. I don’t know what kind of dry rub they use, but it is definitely one of my favorites. However, I didn’t finish all of the wings so I had the leftovers boxed up to bring home. I figured I’d either eat them as a snack or lunch the next day or come up with some sort of meal to … Continue reading here.

Working Out Again

Back at it. What is “it”? “It” is my health and fitness routine.

Like others, I have started and stopped many health and fitness routines. In June, I had decided to once again start another routine. I had even written down exactly what I was going to do each day. I’m the type that needs her workouts scheduled each week and added to my calendar so I actually do them. By mid-July, I was consistently working out and making healthier … Continue reading here.

Getting Out of Debt

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Enough is enough! I’m ready to break out of the norm and be debt free!

Why do I want to be debt free? Here are my reasons:


  • Travel – It is one of my favorite things to do. Right now, I have to be extra careful with my money, which means picking and choosing where to travel to and having to pass up a LOT of opportunities to travel. As much as I want to
Continue reading here.

Manager Development Books to Read

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When I am not busy blogging, I am a Project Manager at a software company. While most project managers only manage their projects, I am also a people manager. The company I work for has been increasing their in-house training programs over the last couple of years. One of the pieces of training was the Insights Discovery Profile Training, where each of us learned our colors and how to best communicate with each other.

Those … Continue reading here.

My First Motorcycle Experience

I remember my first time on a motorcycle. I was 16 and my brother-in-law took me for a ride on his Suzuki Bandit 1200. Now, I had always loved the look and idea of motorcycles, especially Ducuatis (pictured above) but had never had the opportunity to ride a motorcycle until that day.

It was such an amazing feeling! I felt the air on my face and the breeze through my hair. And then we went fast…and I mean, FAST. We … Continue reading here.

Local Italian Restaurant

Luna di Luna

Tonight, a friend, whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and I met up for dinner at this small, local Italian restaurant near my home.

I’ve lived in this area for 3 years and had never even heard of it before. I’ve even driven by it multiple times and never noticed it. Yes, it’s a red building. It’s also small and tucked back between two other larger buildings. When you’re driving and not specifically looking for it, … Continue reading here.

Healthy Habits Tracking Tool

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One free fitness/health tracking tool that I use is Achievemint. You may be thinking, “what is it?” Well, let me tell you. It is a platform that rewards you with real cash for healthy activities/habits.

How It Works

I first learned of it in the fall of 2016, but didn’t take it seriously until the beginning of 2017. Boy oh boy, do I wish I had done so earlier! It is an easy, legit … Continue reading here.

What Does My Brand Mean?

My best friend, Stefanie, is a graphic designer on the side so I knew she’d be the perfect person to ask for help with my logo. As I expected, she was happy to help and excited for me to move forward with a blog. You see, I had sort of started a blog a few years ago but never completed it. That is, until today when I am finally launching my blog to the world! (Scary!!)

Anyways, back to the … Continue reading here.