To my friends and family, I am known as the woman that works to travel. I take that as I work hard so I can travel hard. Whether it’s local, national, or international, I love to have new experiences and create unforgettable moments

Hey there! My name is Alisha Ruud.  Yes, it is pronounced like “rude” and there are times where my attitude is just as sassy as my last name.  😉 Growing up, other kids (and adults) had joked about my last name and it hurt, badly. The older I’ve become, the more comfortable I am with my last name and how people may perceive it. Now, it is definitely a part of who I am; it helped shape me. Bonus, it’s a great blog name!

I started my blog as I wanted a way to share my travels and life improvements to not only my friends and family but also those that would like to learn from my mistakes and accomplishments. Some of my mistakes were financing college and although I worked full-time hours throughout most of college, I ended up in more student loan debt than I’d like, similar to most people. Some of my accomplishments include graduating college, finding a great career, and having the ability to travel. In so many years, I will also add becoming debt-free to that list!

I am a full-time project manager at a software company. My expertise is in project and product management. I also am a people manager of a small team that focuses on one of my many projects. With this career, I have learned some coding and I plan on increasing this knowledge to better improve my blog. Although I have a Bachelor of Arts, it was not in coding or project/product management. It was in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I did earn my Project Management Professional certificate last year though!

Other than work and blogging about travel, I have several other things that I love to do! These include hanging out with friends, going to movies, reading, camping, exploring whenever I can, and motorcycle rides. I have my motorcycle license and have owned a motorcycle for the last few years. Although I live in Minnesota which has a short riding season, I still get out on my motorcycle as much as I can. One goal of mine is to do a road trip to the West Coast on my motorcycle! Just keep an eye out for a blog post for when it happens. Same as all of my other hobbies, I will write about them from time to time since this blog is not only about travel but also my life and improving it.

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