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What would you do if you could go back in time and change history, for the better? Where you would you even start? That is the very issue that the U.S. military is faced with in the new thriller novel by J.K. Kelly, Found In Time.

In today’s complex world, the military can use all the help they can get fighting against the enemy. When a new top-secret weapon is revealed – the ability to travel back in time – the options for fighting back against the forces of evil from any time period now come into play.

Major J.J. Jackson, a highly decorated marine whose focus in life is to seek and destroy terrorists, is tasked by the joint chiefs of staff to test this revolutionary technology that promises the U.S. military a political edge over foreign and domestic threats. But when Jackson goes rogue and travels back in time to ask a higher power to save the woman he loves, everyone’s lives will be changed forever.

General Dick Stewart oversees the program they are hiding from a contentious White House and the CIA. As a supporter of Jackson’s career –ever since the death of the younger man’s parents – Stewart must watch his own back as he tries to look after the Jackson and his eclectic group of patriots.

For Jackson’s team of six men and women, time travel becomes their magic bullet. But when a new American president comes under siege, those who were “found in time” must lock and load. The team will need to ratchet up their aggression to defeat the most dangerous enemies the country has ever seen and this time, on American soil.

Found in Time not only takes you to fascinating places all over the world during some of the history of the most critical event, but it also ties in the fast-paced excitement of the U.S. military fighting against the evils of the world in a way unlike ever before – across centuries and continents,” says Kelly.

About J.K. KELLY

J.K. KELLY knows what fast-paced action is all about. Before his career as an author, he worked in the high-speed world of professional motorsports. He was a public relations director for Darrell Waltrip and the Gatorade 88 NASCAR Team. He went on to work with VP Racing Fuels for nearly three decades as the regional manager for Europe and much of North America. His job took him all around the world, which became an inspiration behind his action-packed writing that takes readers across continents and keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Kelly has since opted out of the corporate world to enjoy quality time with his family and to pursue his writing. Found In Time is his debut novel and he is currently working on the sequel. Kelly is also putting the finishing touches on a funny, adventurous work of non-fiction set in the fast-paced world of international motorsport.

Connect with J.K. Kelly on Twitter (@JKKellyBooks) and on his website,

Found in Time is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

My Review

I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect when I was offered Found In Time to read and review. I love reading all books and I was very intrigued by the idea of time travel. I decided to accept the book and surprisingly liked it. It was a little hard to get through the first few chapters as it has a little bit of a slow beginning. Thankfully, it did pick up.

One of my favorite parts of this book was that the time travel device was invented by a woman. The way they introduced her in the book make her seem like such a badass. My other favorite pieces were every time the group time traveled. I love traveling so of course, I love the idea of time traveling! It was great reading what the group experienced each time they went back in time.

Although the book started out slow and does get away from time travel a bit towards the end, I still enjoyed the book. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading action, travel, or military books. I believe it can fit all of those genres.

You can purchase it on Amazon today: Found In Time

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