Blog Tour: Full Service Blonde by Megan Edwards

Entertaining prequel to Las Vegas murder mystery novel debut, Getting Off on Frank Sinatra. 

Blog Tour: Full Service Blonde

One of the youngest and most popular cities in America, Las Vegas stands as a desert metropolis built on gambling and entertainment at the core. Drawing in millions of visitors and trillions of dollars to southern Nevada, its brief century existence saw many different changes over this time. Enchanted by this unlikely city locale, author Megan Edwards continues to set ‘Sin City’ as the backdrop in her prequel to the successful debut novel Getting Off on Frank Sinatra, with Full Service Blonde: A Copper Black Mystery.

Full Service Blonde follows aspiring journalist Copper Black, who meets Victoria McKimber, an outspoken prostitute at one of Nevada’s legal brothels. Victoria offers Copper the exclusive right to tell her story. Not only will the Las Vegas Light’s “calendar girl” get a byline, but she can also impress her boyfriend and parents when they arrive for the holidays. “I love Las Vegas,” Edwards says. “I never thought I would say that, but I came to Las Vegas to do some research years ago and the city seduced me into staying. The unique history makes it a fascinating place to live while also making it a young city still defining itself. I wanted to give more insight into the life of Copper Black and how she discovered her own love of Vegas, too.”

Copper is busy with work, Christmas shopping, and fantasizing about a whole week with her boyfriend, whom she hasn’t seen in six months. She’s also helping her brother, a civic-minded pastor who is spearheading plans for a new center to serve the homeless. Things are hectic but under control when shocking news breaks: Victoria McKimber has been found dead in a muddy ditch on the outskirts of town.

As Copper investigates Victoria’s violent death, she puts her own life in jeopardy and discovers that her brother is the target of a sinister plot. Unless Copper can expose the truth about Victoria McKimber, somebody just might get away with murder. With twists and turns revealing more into Copper Black’s background and own journey toward self-discovery, Full Service Blonde offers readers the chance to dive further into the dark side of the Southwest’s city that never sleeps.

About Author: Megan Edwards

Blog Tour: Full Service Blonde

Megan Edwards is the author of the travel memoir Roads from the Ashes, the humor book Caution: Funny Signs Ahead, her debut novel Getting off on Frank Sinatra and forthcoming novel Strings: A Love Story. She has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and spent nearly seven years “on the road” all over North America. Now at home in Las Vegas, Nevada, she is working on her next novel.

For more information, visit and connect with Megan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

My Review of Full Service Blonde

I read this book while on the plane to Las Vegas for a work conference. I didn’t realize that it was based in Las Vegas until after I started to read it. It was a great book! I loved the characters in it. I also loved how quick of a read it is. I was able to finish it while on the flight from Minnesota to Las Vegas. I also learned quite a bit about Las Vegas and was able to correlate it to my work trip there. One of the hotels that is mentioned quite often in the book is the Golden Nugget.  Although I know it’s a hotel that’s been in Las Vegas for some time, I had never been there until my work trip. It was cool to walk through it and think about how Megan Edwards included it in her book, Full Service Blonde. If you’re looking for an easy and entertaining read, I highly recommend this one. Especially if you’re flying to Las Vegas and need a book to kill the time in the air.


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