Top 5 Gifts for a Bookworm

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It is so strange to me that I am writing another gift post so soon. You see, I am not the type to think about gifts until the day before if I’m lucky. For whatever reason, I am such a procrastinator. But here I am creating a list of top 5 gifts for a bookworm.

Top 5 Gifts for a Bookworm

1. Full Service Blonde (A Copper Black Mystery) by Megan Edwards

This book is about Copper Black, who is an intern journalist in the fun and popular city, Las Vegas. She gets wrapped up into solving an outspoken prostitute’s murder. Not only does she need to solve the murder but she also has to help her brother with his plans to open a homeless center. Things get personal. Things get messy. In the end, did she solve the murder and become a full-fledged journalist? They’ll have to read the book to find out.

2. Coffee Books & Rain Mug

One can never go wrong with gifting a mug to a friend or family member. Most everyone drinks coffee and/or tea. I have also been known to eat ice cream out of a mug. So many purposes! Surprise them with a book-themed mug that they’ll love!

3. Luxury Fleece Super Soft Thermal Blanket

Most bookworms love to curl up under a blanket while reading. Personally, I enjoy having several throw blankets to choose from when I pick up a book to read. With winter coming soon, grab them a super soft fleece blanket to keep warm and cozy while reading their books.

4. Industrial Style Bookshelf

All bookworms have LOTS of books. We also enjoy showing off our different books. Which of course means they need somewhere to store all of those books. Purchase a great industrial style bookshelf for them to present all of their great books on.

5. Magnets

Get some fun book-themed magnets. All of these sayings have come out of a bookworm’s mouth at some point. The most common one for me is “Be quiet, I’m reading”. For whatever reason, my family loves to talk to me while I’m reading so they constantly hear this or they receive the silent treatment. Neither of which work very well, lol.

Time to get shopping for your bookworm friends, partners, and/or family members. They’ll love any gift you give them!

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