Working Out Again

Back at it. What is “it”? “It” is my health and fitness routine.

Like others, I have started and stopped many health and fitness routines. In June, I had decided to once again start another routine. I had even written down exactly what I was going to do each day. I’m the type that needs her workouts scheduled each week and added to my calendar so I actually do them. By mid-July, I was consistently working out and making healthier choices for food.

You may be thinking, “It’s now the end of August. I wonder what happened. Did she keep it up? Doesn’t seem like it if she’s “Back At It”. And you’d be right. I didn’t keep it up due to an unfortunate injury in the middle of July. I had torn and swollen ligaments in my left ankle and knee with second and third-degree road rash. Due to this injury, it was painful to walk for a few weeks and I wasn’t even able to wear pants because of the swelling and bandages. My ankle slowly felt better so then it was just the knee and road rash that needed to fully heal.

In the last couple of weeks, my road rash has completely healed. I’m only dealing with putting on lavender and vitamin E oils to diminish the scars. My knee ligaments are still slightly swollen and sore, but I’m able to walk normally again. I probably could have started my routine again two weeks ago, but after a month off of working out, it was extremely hard for me to get back to it.

But today was the today I started back at it. It may be slow going for a while due to my knee ligaments. But I still took the time this morning to walk on the treadmill. Nothing too crazy, but whatever works to get me back into it, right?!


Although I had done an okay job with choosing healthier food options the last several weeks, I can still improve. I am back to drinking protein shakes each morning, logging my food into MyFitnessPal, making the decision to eat more fruit and veggies, spending the time to meal prep. Bonus for meal prepping – less eating out so I will have more money for my snowball.

Back At It. Working Out Again.

Note: I will be attending the Minnesota State Fair this week so my healthy food choices will be derailed one day, but I will be walking everywhere so that’ll help. 🙂

Are you working on losing weight? Feel free to comment on how you’re doing and what keeps you motivated!


Alisha Ruud is a Lifestyle and Travel blogger. She is an animal lover, volunteers with a local animal rescue, avid reader, and motorcyclist. With her many interests, she has found a way to inspire others with the same interests and goals in life. She also likes to keep things fun!

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