6 Reasons Why The Best Toothbrush is Doctor Plotka

It’s a known fact – Everyone should be brushing their teeth every day and with the best toothbrush. Most people may purchase their toothbrushes from the store. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, be sure to do your research on why that is the best toothbrush. Most of them are cheap, not recommended from dentists, and have hard bristles. Now I have finally found the best toothbrush for me, Doctor Plotka’s toothbrush.

6 Reasons Why The Best Toothbrush is Doctor Plotka’s

  1. It has soft bristles. In my experience, most toothbrushes from stores have hard bristles, even the ones that say “soft” on them. According to my dentist, those are the toothbrushes to avoid. The hard bristles can cause more bad than good. Doctor Pltoka’s toothbrush has soft bristles, exactly the same as the toothbrushes that my dentist provides me after each cleaning visit.
  2. It can last up to 4 months. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrushes every 3 months. With Doctor Plotka’s toothbrush, you get an extra month. This is possible due to how high quality the toothbrush is. They still recommend replacing it every 3 months, but if you’re like me, you always push it a month. With Doctor Plotka’s, you don’t have to feel bad if you replace it at 4 months instead of 3!
  3. It has dual action bristles. Not only are the bristles for brushing but they are also for flossing! The toothbrush has both long and short bristles to reach all areas of the tooth, including those hard to reach gaps.
  4. It is Antimicrobial. Bacteria loves toothbrushes. It can thrive off of them after each use because of the warmth. With Doctor Plotka’s toothbrush, the bristles have silver particles to help combat the bacteria. According to Doctor Plotka, these bristles able to prevent 99.9% of the bacteria that could normally build up on regular toothbrushes.
  5. It was created by a dentist. Many toothbrushes sold in stores are not actually created by dentists. My favorite part about this toothbrush is that it was created by a dentist. That dentist is Dr. Ronald Plotka.
  6. You have three options: manual, powered, and travel size. I love how many options the Doctor Plotka has! Whether you’re a manual or powered toothbrush person, they will have the perfect one for you. Personally, I also love the travel size! It saves space in my bag but yet still gives me a quality brush, unlike most travel sized ones I’ve used in the past.

Those are my top 6 reasons for you to try out the Doctor Plotka toothbrush. I was so impressed and loved it my first time using it! I am still using it and still love how clean my teeth (and mouth) feel after each brushing. Check out their website for more information on their other products and their brand.

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6 Reasons Why The Best Toothbrush is Doctor Plotka’s

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