How I Bought a New Motorcycle

I had been thinking of buying a new motorcycle for a couple years now. See, I had owned my red Ninja 650 for a few years. I loved it but I was ready for something new, even after one year. I had held off for a while since my red Ninja 650 was completely paid for and owned by me. Then, this summer all of that changed. It was time to buy a new motorcycle.

Choosing a New Motorcycle

It took a while to determine what I wanted and what I could afford within my budget. Below are the motorcycle models I was looking at online.

  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
  • Triumph Daytona 675
  • Yamaha R6

After talking to a few people and reading lots of reviews online, I decided to continue with the Ninja series. At least for now. I already know how to do the majority of the maintenance on Ninjas from my last bike. It’s within my price range, unlike the Daytona. It has a shorter seat height than the R6. Now, of course, I know that I could always lower it but I didn’t want to. I wanted to be able to keep my next motorcycle at the stock height to help with the aerodynamics of the bike and taking turns/curves. I also wanted my next motorcycle to be newer than my previous one.

How to Buy a New Motorcycle

First day I brought it home!

Searching for and Buying a New Motorcycle

Now that I knew what I wanted, it was time to search for it! I had to decide if I wanted to buy from a private seller or from a dealership again. After a while of searching, comparing prices, I decided to go with a private seller. I had found an awesome deal on Craigslist but wondered if it was too good to be true. After reaching out to the seller, I confirmed it was still for sale. We set up a time for me to check out the Ninja in person.

When I first saw it, everything seemed to check out. There were some small scratches from normal wear, and tear. It appeared that the maintenance had been kept up. I wasn’t positive I wanted to buy it yet though. I decided to sleep on it before getting cash to test ride it. After a couple of days, I felt like it may be the bike for me. So, I got the cash, met the seller again, and took it for a test ride.

How to Buy a New Motorcycle

Photo shoot with the new Ninja

I’m not going to lie. I had an extreme case of the butterflies. You see, the last time I had ridden a motorcycle, I crashed. So, I was very nervous to be on one again. Thankfully, it all went well. I still wasn’t positive if I was ready for a new motorcycle so I hesitated on the purchase. The seller could see that and we made a deal. I would keep the bike for one week as a “test run”. If I didn’t like it, I could return it. If I did like it, we would finalize the sale. Pretty unheard of so I went along with the deal.

While riding it back to my parents’ home (close to where the seller and I met), the butterflies went away and I loved the motorcycle. It was mine! Now, unfortunately, it was almost the end of the season when I purchased it so I didn’t get to ride it very much. I also have been traveling for work and fun which cuts into motorcycle time. Although I didn’t have much time for riding, I was still able to put on a few hundred miles on the new bike. The goal for next season is to put on way more miles than I put on this past season between the two bikes!

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