What Does My Brand Mean?

My best friend, Stefanie, is a graphic designer on the side so I knew she’d be the perfect person to ask for help with my logo. As I expected, she was happy to help and excited for me to move forward with a blog. You see, I had sort of started a blog a few years ago but never completed it. That is, until today when I am finally launching my blog to the world! (Scary!!)

Anyways, back to the logo.

Stef asked for me to create a “Mood” board on Pinterest. This board would have the different ideas I had for what I’m looking for my logo. The board had all of the following on it (probably too much, sorry Stef!)

Mood Board

  • Different fonts for ideas
  • Logos that had two different fonts
  • Lotus flowers
  • Feathers
  • Teal colors
  • Existing logos that I liked
  • Pins about the different items I’d be blogging about
    • Motorcycles
    • Health and Fitness
    • Life
    • Travel
    • Getting out of debt/Finances

She knew from my board and speaking with me what my blog was going to be about. Since she’s my best friend, she knows me better than most people. With all of this information, she’s the one that came up with the idea of the lotus flower. It is one of my favorite flowers. I also have two tattoos of lotus flowers. One is closed and one is open. The open one is actually an Egyptian hieroglyphic based on the blue lotus. It raises out of the water, over a period of time. It flowers in the morning to the late afternoon, before sinking below the surface again. This made it a symbol for the ancient Egyptians for “rebirth”. With this information, I had decided to get it as a tattoo as a reminder that each day is a new day.

favicon logo

Then came my brand name, Ruud Attitude. This was a brand name I have also considered for years since I’ve always wanted to play off of my last name. To me, it is about being strong, ambitious, being a goal setting and maybe also being a bit stubborn. 🙂 So, the brand is about an attitude. What that attitude is, is up to you. Although not everyone will be able to relate to it, I really hope some do. This is essentially what my blog will be about.  If you haven’t already, please check out my About section for who I am and what I will be writing about.

Alisha Ruud is a Lifestyle and Travel blogger. She is an animal lover, volunteers with a local animal rescue, avid reader, and motorcyclist. With her many interests, she has found a way to inspire others with the same interests and goals in life. She also likes to keep things fun!

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