5 Restaurants in the Bay Area

Everyone wants to hear about some great restaurants to check out while traveling. It’s hard to find ones in large areas, such as the Bay Area. I know I struggled with finding some so I decided to write a short post about the restaurants in the Bay Area that I went to.

Educated Palate

The first one I’d recommend is the Educated Palate. It has wall to ceiling windows which offers bright and elegant dining for up to 50 … Continue reading here.

Working Out Again

Back at it. What is “it”? “It” is my health and fitness routine.

Like others, I have started and stopped many health and fitness routines. In June, I had decided to once again start another routine. I had even written down exactly what I was going to do each day. I’m the type that needs her workouts scheduled each week and added to my calendar so I actually do them. By mid-July, I was consistently working out and making healthier … Continue reading here.

Local Italian Restaurant

Luna di Luna

Tonight, a friend, whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and I met up for dinner at this small, local Italian restaurant near my home.

I’ve lived in this area for 3 years and had never even heard of it before. I’ve even driven by it multiple times and never noticed it. Yes, it’s a red building. It’s also small and tucked back between two other larger buildings. When you’re driving and not specifically looking for it, … Continue reading here.