Visit the Waterfalls of Minnesota North Shore

After reading Visit the Minnesota North Shore: Duluth and the beginning of the trip, here is the next post about the Minnesota North Shore that is all about the different waterfalls I visited and recommend to anyone that is able to travel to the North Shore.

Waterfalls of the North Shore

Devil’s Kettle Falls

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Devil’s Kettle Falls is located in Minnesota’s Judge Magney State Park. It is a 50-foot waterfall and is most known for stumping scientists for years. It is not very visible in this picture but the Brule River is split into two when going over the falls. One of the sections falls into a pothole, Devil’s Kettle and until recently, no one knew where exactly that water went. They now believe that the “water is resurging in the stream below the waterfall”. The source is MPR News. The other side of the river falls 50 feet into a pool, like a normal waterfall.

To get to Devil’s Kettle Falls, it is a 1-mile hike and includes about 200 steps. To get to the falls, you go down the majority of those steps. The worst is when you’ve finished checking out the waterfall and are ready to hike back. You have to go back up those stairs. There are a few platforms with benches so you can take a rest if needed.

High Falls and Two Step Falls

Ruud Attitude Ruud Attitude

Both of these waterfalls are located in Tettegouche State Park. If you are wanting to visit these falls, be prepared for a hike. Depending on where you start, it is a 1.5-3 mile roundtrip hike. I started at the trailhead parking lot, which is the longer hike. I was not aware that the hike would take that long so it was a bit unexpected. It also began to rain on the way to High Falls from Two Steps Falls. Thankfully, I was able to dry off by the time I was finished with the hike and ready to hop back on the motorcycle to move on to the next waterfall of the trip.

Hidden Falls

Ruud Attitude Ruud Attitude

This was my second favorite waterfall during this trip. It is Hidden Falls, located in Temperance River State Park. This state park is known for many waterfalls that flow all year. It is also known for the ability to hike the old waterfall rock, as you can see pictured above. Although not a tall waterfall, this was my second favorite due to the interesting environment around it. Seeing how it cuts through the rock and the ability to walk on the rock was amazing!

High Falls

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High Falls in Grand Portage, MN was by far my favorite waterfall during this trip. It is the highest waterfall, at 120 feet, in Minnesota on the Pigeon River. It is also a border between the U.S.A. and Canada. I took this photo from the U.S.A. side, but the other side is Canada. This waterfall is located only 1 mile from the visitor center. The pathways to it are all paved so it makes for an easy walk and very accessible for anyone and everyone to be able to view this beautiful waterfall.

There was a funny thing that happened with my phone while visiting this waterfall. I was so close to the Canadian border that my phone actually started pinging off of a Rogers cellular tower. I even received a “Welcome to Canada” text. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Visit the Waterfalls of Minnesota North Shore

  1. Sarah Lynn Reply

    Very cool! I’m currently living in North Dakota, where my husband is stationed with the military. ND only has one natural waterfall and it’s just four feet tall! Sounds like we’ll need to head East and check out these neighboring sights in Minnesota!
    Thanks for sharing ! We’ll definitely revisit your tips if we head that way :D.

    • Alisha Reply

      Yes, please do! There are also great waterfalls close to the Twin Cities I posted about. Just in case you head that way instead of up North. 🙂

  2. Corinna Reply

    MN girl here! (transplanted to the south, but that’s another story) I love the photos of the beautiful North Shore! We recently visited MN with our kids and introduced them to Jay Cooke State Park. One of our favorite days spent hiking together. Thanks for tempting me to return and go a little further north!!

    • Alisha Reply

      I haven’t been to Jay Cooke State Park yet! One of my goals I started was to explore MN more with camping and hiking. I’ll have to add Jay Cooke State Park to the list!
      Yes, definitely return and head more north! There is another popular state park and waterfall at Cascade State Park that is supposedly another favorite for many visitors. It was on my list to check out in June, but unfortunately, due to timing and being exhausted from hiking and riding a motorcycle all day, I wasn’t able to make it. Hopefully next year!

  3. Kim Reply

    I don’t live in Minnesota but I enjoyed reading about these hidden treasures.

  4. Kim Reply

    I don’t live in Minnesota but I enjoyed reading about these hidden treasures.

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