Day 2: Things To Do In Monterey County

In case you missed Day 1 post, I took a solo trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea and had a fabulous time. I had never been to Carmel or even Monterey County before. I wasn’t entirely certain what all to do, other than tasting wine and going to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. I posted on my Twitter and Instagram accounts asking for some recommendations. And, my followers suggested some great things to do in the area. I also spoke with Carrie, the GM, and owner of Hofsas House and she gave me some great tips for things to do as well. Here are my recommendations for things to do in a day in Monterey County.



Carmel River State Beach

Of course, I love the rocky coast with a beach so I just had to check out Carmel River State Beach. It’s very close to the hotel. I could have easily walked there but since I was on a mission to check out so many spots, I chose to drive and stop there along with my route. The waves were ferocious that morning so not a lot of people were there. It’s too bad, cause they missed out on some picturesque waves hitting the rocks. A fun fact I found out is that it is the most dog-friendly beach in California. Not only is it dog-friendly, but it is also off-leash acceptable! I saw quite a few dogs on the beach while I was there which made me so happy to see.

Scenic Road

After stopping at the beach, I continued the tour along Scenic Road in Carmel. Not only does it offer amazing views of the coast and beach, but you can also check out some cool-looking homes in the area. I would’ve loved to be on my motorcycle. It’s a fun, curvy road – perfect for motorcycles. You can’t go any faster than 20 mph on it though as it’s a tight, one-lane street and there are lots of people walking around. Plus with the views, there’s no need to go any faster.

Point Lobos

Next stop was Point Lobos, which was a recommendation by Carrie (Hofsas House). It costs $10 for a parking ticket. Once in, you can park and easily check out the waves. If you’re lucky, you may see some seals and whales. Unfortunately, the waves were at their strongest when I was there so no whales or seals for me.

Bixby Creek Bridge

After Point Lobos, I went to Bixby Creek Bridge for a fabulous photo opportunity! This was also the area where I lost cell service. From here on out, I relied on the map that I had received from the hotel. So glad I actually brought it!


This is a well-known restaurant that is high up and overlooks the coast. They have many beverage and lunch options. I had their smoked salmon appetizer which was delicious! You are definitely going to pay for the view more than anything else while there.

Carmel Wine + Walk Tour

After Nepenthe, I backtracked back to Carmel and then did the Wine + Walk Tour. I stopped by three different wineries: Galante, Dawn’s Dream, and Silvestri. All three were great! Galante and Dawn’s Dream are sister wineries. Both owned by the same couple. Silvestri is owned by the famous Alan Silvestri, who composes music for movies.


Next was driving to Monterey for my dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf and Abalonetti. It was dark by the time I got there so I didn’t have great views. I loved seeing all of the different colored lights down Fisherman’s Wharf though. I also loved the calamari at Abalonetti. They are known for their calamari, as they well should be. It’s amazing! My favorite was the Baja calamari. If you’re able to make it Monterey, check out Abalonetti’s calamari. You won’t regret it!

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Who else has been to Monterey County? Comment on your favorite things to do there.

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