How to Visit Vegas for Work

A few weeks ago, my boss had asked if I was interested in going to a conference in Vegas. Without fully understanding which days I’d be gone, I said, “YES!”. Although this is not my first time going to Vegas and there are other cities I’d like to travel to, it is hard to say no to expenses covered trip. So, there I was with two co-workers, heading to Vegas for my fourth time but this time for work.

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First stop was the airport. We got there in enough time to enjoy a beverage and snack before boarding our flight. Earlier that day, I received the book, Full Service Blonde (A Copper Black Mystery). It was perfect timing since I was flying to Las Vegas and the book is based in Vegas. Of course, I had to read it on the flight to Vegas. I was also able to finish it before landing so that’s a plus! Check out Top 5 Gifts for a Bookworm for more information about the book.

Enjoying a glass of wine before the flight

How to Visit Vegas for Work

Use Mobile Check-In for Your Hotel

If your hotel offers mobile check-in, do it! My previous trip, I stayed at the Luxor and did not take advantage of that. Well, that ended up with my friends and I standing in a line for over an hour, waiting to check in. Granted, we did enjoy some beverages while waiting. That wait was still awful though.

For this trip, my co-worker did all of the hotel bookings. In the morning of our flight, he sent us an email about mobile check-in for Luxor. Yes, I’m staying in the same hotel as last time. It happened to be the closest hotel to our conference at Mandalay Bay, that also had openings. Well, it’s a good thing I’ve stayed at the Luxor before. I now know to do mobile check-in if it’s available. So, that is exactly what we did. It is so worth it!! Regardless if you stay at the Luxor or elsewhere, take advantage of mobile check-in. It will save you so much time, so you can get out and enjoy Vegas sooner rather than later.

Restaurants to Check Out

Since this was my fourth trip to Vegas, my co-workers put me in charge of finding restaurants for dinner. I love researching things and places to do before trips (hello traveler here!). However, I won’t lie; I was nervous that my co-workers wouldn’t like my choices. So, I compromised. Instead of finding restaurants for each night, I found a few different options. After asking them how they felt about types of food, I chose our first restaurant and made our reservation. For the other nights, I sent my list of options to my co-worker for him to choose from if he wanted to.

Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant

We had our first night’s dinner at Marrakech. It has raving reviews on both and Facebook so we decided to try it out. Although we were all exhausted when we got there, each of us enjoyed the meal. It was a six-course meal that included the following.

  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Harira Soup
  • Hummus Sampler
  • Beef Brochette
  • Royal Moroccan Couscous Platter with Djaj
  • B’stilla
  • Traditional Mint Tea

Everything was so good! I highly recommend eating here if you’re ever in Vegas. My only recommendation would be to go there hungry, very hungry. I expected the portions to be smaller since it’s a six-course meal. Well, that’s not the case. The portions are HUGE! By the team we got to the couscous platter, we barely had any room left to continue eating. It was well worth going back to the hotel with full stomachs though!

Walls of Marrakech

Ceiling of Marrakech

Yummy Sushi

Our second evening there, we decided to have sushi for dinner. My co-worker found an all you can eat sushi restaurant with great ratings. We hopped in the Uber and headed to Yummy Sushi. The closer we got, the more we realized we had been in that area before and we had, the night before, while at Marrakech. We found out from our Uber driver that that area is known for having great restaurants. Clearly, my co-workers and I are good at selecting restaurants! We enjoyed our sushi and sake before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

Nora’s Italian Cuisine

Our last night we wanted to an amazing Italian restaurant. And we found one at Nora’s! It’s quite a ways off the strip so be prepared for a long drive. But it is well worth it! We had a delicious meal, starting with bread and calamari. I then had their Crazy Fettucini, which had shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, jalapenos, and other food. For some, they wouldn’t like that combination. But I’m not like that. I loved it!

Nora’s Italian Cuisine

Things to Do in Vegas with Your Co-Workers

We didn’t go out our first two nights there. We were so tired from traveling and the long conferences. So, we only went out for dinner and immediately went back to the hotel to unwind. But our last night there, that’s when we went out. Now I don’t think we were planning on staying out as late as we did but it happened. We got a good taste of what Vegas has to offer so of course, we wanted to stay out even later than we should!

The Chandelier Bar

Of course, I had to bring my co-workers to my favorite bar in Vegas, The Chandelier. I love this bar! The atmosphere, the drinks, the people watching. All of it is so great! My co-workers really liked it as well. Or at least that’s what they claimed.

The Chandelier Bar

Bellagio’s Water Show

You can never go wrong with seeing the Bellagio’s Water Show. It may be quick but it is a lot of fun to watch!

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Garden

After the water show, we went inside the Bellagio to see the ceiling with the blown glass art and then go to the conservatory. I hadn’t been to the conservatory since my very first trip to Vegas. So, it was even enjoyable for me to check it out. I also learned that they change the theme every few months.

Freemont Street

We then wandered our way to Freemont Street. We got a couple beers, wandered up and down the Old Strip while listening to the live music and enjoying some great people watching. Then, we went into one of the several casinos and played some Roulette. I’d never played Roulette before and it is now my favorite gambling game. Good thing we only have machine roulette here in Minnesota and I rarely go to casinos here!

Freemont Street

Don’t forget your travel insurance! You never know when you may need it. See Quick Tips About Purchasing Travel Insurance for more information.

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