Quick Tips About Purchasing Travel Insurance

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In October 2017, my best friend and I traveled to Miami and then took a cruise to the Bahamas. As with all of my travels, I have been planning out my travel budget. This includes a budget for purchasing travel insurance. As a traveler, don’t get stuck medically or financially with not being better prepared for travel emergencies.

Why Am I Purchasing Travel Insurance?

I’ve never purchased travel insurance in any of my previous travels. I guess I was always the type to just wing it and hope for the best outcome. I have never had any issues so I figured I would always be A-okay. Well, this perception I had, changed after I joined a couple of travel groups on Facebook a while ago. There were so many horror stories of other people traveling without travel insurance and an accident or illness occurred. Since they didn’t have travel insurance, they went through some horrible times, both financially and medically. After reading several of those stories, it changed my mind. I am now 100% for purchasing travel insurance. As with everything in life, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Quick Tips About Purchasing Travel Insurance

  1. Not positive you want to spend the money on travel insurance? Google “no travel insurance horror stories”. Reading through those may make you change your mind like it did mine.
  2. Ask friends and family if they’ve purchased travel insurance before. If they have, ask them what travel insurance company they went through and what they thought. Word of mouth referrals is still one of the best for reviews.
  3. Do a side by side comparison of travel insurance companies and their plans. There are a lot of travel insurance companies out there and they’re all competing with each other. This means almost all of them will have a comparison chart to show they’re better than the others.
  4. After narrowing down which companies you want to consider, get quotes from each of them. This is easy enough to do. You don’t even need to provide your contact information unless you want the quote emailed to you.
  5. From there, choose which plan and quote, from each company, looks the best for your travel plans.
  6. Make your final decision and purchase your travel insurance for your trip.

My Experience Purchasing Travel Insurance

It’s easy.

As I mentioned, my best friend and I had originally purchased all of our tickets this spring. So, that’s when I first started looking into travel insurance. I used my tips, listed above, to make my decision. I first searched “travel insurance” in the travel groups on Facebook for word of mouth referrals. I received a lot of results. Some were great and some weren’t quite what I was looking for. With those referrals, I had it narrowed down to a couple different companies. I then used my next tip: a company comparison and then requested quotes. With the quotes and comparisons, I had a better idea of how much money to set aside for travel insurance.

Before making my final decision, I double checked the companies and quotes. I compared them to what I was provided earlier this year. Based on my tips and the information I was able to gather, I moved forward with purchasing my travel insurance through World Nomads. It was very easy to finalize everything with them. I signed up as a member, filled out the requested information, selected the plan that was most appropriate for my trip, and then paid for the insurance.

Ruud Attitude

I am now covered for my Miami and Bahamas trip!

Your turn to get out there and purchase travel insurance for your next trip. This way whether you’re expecting a nice, relaxing vacation (like I am), you can still be prepared for any emergencies, illnesses, or injuries.

Ruud Attitude

You may be expecting a nice, relaxing beach vacation.

Ruud Attitude

But an illness, injury, or accident (like a hurricane) could ruin that for you.

Final Tip: Be prepared for anything.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Purchase travel insurance before you go on a trip, whether it’s domestic or international.


Alisha Ruud is a Lifestyle and Travel blogger. She is an animal lover, volunteers with a local animal rescue, avid reader, and motorcyclist. With her many interests, she has found a way to inspire others with the same interests and goals in life. She also likes to keep things fun!

4 thoughts on “Quick Tips About Purchasing Travel Insurance

  1. free movies Reply

    Nice Share, Keep working hard!! 🙂

  2. Pernille Reply

    We just booked a Europe trip for the spring and this time I got the insurance as well. I opted for one where I can get a refund should anyone in the family get sick prior to travel. It cost a little extra but with 3 kids it is not completely out of the question that something could happen. It seems with age comes a bit of caution 🙂 Better safe than sorry.

  3. judean Reply

    Most of the time I have purchased travel insurance…so far so good I haven’t had to use it. I do highly recommend as I have a friend who did not and cannot go on an expensive vacation because her husband needs surgery – things happen and you need to be prepared.

    • Alisha Reply

      I’m glad to hear you recommend it, as well. Some of the horror stories I’ve heard are scary and I hope to never be in that situation. I’m sorry to hear your friend was. I hope everything turned out okay for them!

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