When in Rome: Don’t Miss the Beautiful Tivoli

When you’re in Rome, be sure to go 30 minutes north (by train) to visit the small town, Tivoli. It is so beautiful! It was a small town that my friend had on her “to visit” list during our trip to Italy. I decided to join once I heard there was Villa d’Este. It is a 16th-century villa full of gardens and fountains. It is one of the first Gardens of Marvels. It remodeled both nature and topography to give the impression of a “hanging garden”. To this day, it amazes each of the visitors.

Gardens and Fountains of Ville d’Este

There are several fountains at the Ville d’Este. Each one is unique from each other. And yet, they all complement the castle and gardens very well. There’s anything from mystical creatures to more standard water fountains. They are all so beautiful and the water flows through the majority of them. When visiting the Ville d’Este, ensure you spend as much time as possible outside, exploring the gardens and fountains. It is worth it.

It is also worth touring the castle. The inside is full of beautiful pieces of art, on the floors and on the walls. Since it is now a museum, you are unable to touch these pieces of art. However, you are able to see them and read about each one.

Oval Fountain

Oval Fountain

The Oval Fountain is known in Italy as “the most important of all the fountains in this garden, and perhaps all of Italy” (source: Descrittione).  It was one of the first fountains to be installed at the Ville d’Este. It was built at the same time as the terraces. It’s amazing how they were able to do this, even without all of the machinery that we have and required to use today to build architecture.

Grottos of Sybils and Fountain of Neptune

The Fountain of Neptune is in front of the Grottos of Sybils. The Grottos of Sybils are three dark caverns (not very visible from my photo below). They help to support the terraces above them. Within the caverns, there are even more fountains!

Fountain of Neptune

Fountain of Neptune and Grottos of Sybils

Fountain of the Organ

The Fountain of the Organ used to be named the Fountain of the Flood or Mother Nature. However, it soon was renamed to what it is today. It was renamed since it has organ pipes inside of it. The water that fell within this fountain caused the organ to play. This allowed it to be famous throughout all of Europe.

Fountain of the Organ

Fountain of “Rometta”

 This fountain depicts a view of Ancient Rome. The rumor behind this fountain is that the Pope wouldn’t allow the Cardinal to build a castle in Rome. So, he decided to bring Rome to the castle with this fountain. Or at least “Rometta”.

How to Get to Tivoli

When my friends and I were visiting Rome, we took public transportation, everywhere. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Italy. I do know that we took a train from Roma Termini. I believe we then hopped onto REG 26256 Tivoli. There are 5 stops before getting to Tivoli. Once there, you can either take a local bus or walk from the station to Villa d’Este. We chose to walk since it’s only 3/4 of a mile. This way we were able and explore more of Tivoli itself.

Tivoli Train Station

Village of Tivoli

Ruins in Tivoli, Italy


While in Tivoli, I only had the time to visit Ville d’Este and do some shopping in the village itself. However, it is known that the ruins of Hadrian’s Villa are also in Tivoli. I love visiting ruins. It amazes me how humans so long ago lived and built their villas, etc. If I ever make it back to Italy, which I am sure I will, I will be going to visit Tivoli again and visit these ruins.

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20 thoughts on “When in Rome: Don’t Miss the Beautiful Tivoli

  1. Melissa Reply

    While traveling around Italy (and other parts of Europe), seeing all the fountains was one of my favorite parts. They are all so beautiful and it’s amazing how they always seem to complement the surroundings they are in. Even so many years after many of them were originally built.

    • Alisha Reply

      It’s amazing how they’re still there (granted with some maintenance). Waterfalls and fountains are two of my favorites to check out when traveling!

  2. Angie Reply

    This looks beautiful! I’ve never been to Europe but would love to go! Italy is at the top of my list!

    • Alisha Reply

      I hope you can go soon! Italy is so beautiful!

  3. Jenna Reply

    It looks so beautiful! I will definitely have to keep this place in mind for next time I visit Italy!

    • Alisha Reply

      I hope you’re able to go!

  4. Desiree Reply

    These pictures are beautiful! I also love to visit ruins…the history behind them fascinates me! If you’re ever in San Francisco you have to go see the Sutro Bath ruins. I was actually planning to do a post on those soon so I was excited to see that you love ruins!

    • Alisha Reply

      That’s perfect timing! I’ll be in San Francisco in November for Dreamforce and will have some spare time my last day there. I will definitely have to check them out! If you write your post before then, let me know 🙂

  5. Shayne and Tyler Thompson Reply

    We’ve never heard of Tivoli, but oh my word we added it to our bucket list! Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for telling us about this beautiful place. We hope to get there one day!

    • Alisha Reply

      Thank you! I hope you’re able to travel there soon! I love all of Italy!!

  6. Nicky Reply

    What beautiful photos! We are hoping to travel from the UK next year to Rome and I’m even more excited now. Thank you for sharing!

    • Alisha Reply

      Thank you! I hope you love Rome and Tivoli as much as I did 🙂

  7. Lisa Reply

    I love Italy! I’m definitely visiting Tivoli on my next trip there.

    • Alisha Reply

      I hope you’re able to make it there! It’s so pretty! 🙂

  8. Karina Reply

    We lived in Italy for many years, been to Rome multiple time and are planning to return. Will definetly be adding it to our towns to visit.

    • Alisha Reply

      I’m so jealous you lived in Italy!! It’s so beautiful there!

  9. Kelly / Tiny Trips & Tips Reply

    I’ll be in Rome next weekend but unfortunately not enough time to go to Tivoli this time. But I’ll make sure to add it to the itinerary when we come back there 😀

    • Alisha Reply

      It’s too bad you don’t have enough time to go! There’s so much to do in Rome it’s hard to fit everything in 🙂

  10. Elaine Reply

    I totally missed this when I was in Rome last! I’ll need to go back and add it to the list! Beautiful photos!

    • Alisha Reply

      Thank you! Not many people know about it or think to go there from Rome. I hope you’ll make it back there!

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