Things To Know About Seattle: Part 1

I have family that lives in Seattle and other parts of Washington state so have been out there several times. My last trip was in 2014 which was 10 years after the last time I had been there. It’s crazy how time flies! I went to visit my family but also have a vacation. My best friend even joined me for my second weekend there. She had never been there before so we had a lot of fun exploring Seattle together. Here is my first post about things to know about Seattle.

King’s Court at Seattle Mariners

If you enjoy sports, especially baseball games, you would love your time at a Mariners game. Their stadium is large and they offer some great amenities while watching the game. My aunt, cousin, and I purchased King’s Court tickets so we could attend the game one of my first nights in Seattle. What is a King’s Court ticket? Well, it’s where you receive a ticket, t-shirt, and a “K” card. They are also decent priced tickets which is always a bonus! See King’s Court for more information.

Seattle Mariners Baseball Game

Hiking at Little Si

I love to hike! I will go hiking whenever I can, depending on where I am. My aunt knew this and knew I wanted to go hiking while in Seattle so she planned a day trip for us to hike Little Si. It is a nice 4.7 roundtrip hike that’s a small rocky bluff off of Mount Si. It offers amazing views! My aunt and I were not in great shape (and I’m still now, ha!), but we were able to do this hike just fine. We even took her standard poodle with us and she had a great time, as well.

Hiking Little Si, Seattle Hiking Little Si, Seattle

Underground Tour

I love history so the Underground Tour one of my favorite parts of my trip to Seattle! I even went two different times, haha! I went during the day and then again for the night tour. They are two different tours. The daytime is more family-friendly but covers some great history. The nighttime tour talks about the “dirty” side of Seattle’s history. You will just have to go yourself to learn even more!

The picture below is the “skylights” that were installed to let natural light into the Underground for people when they’re walking from store to store. At one point, it used to be clear glass but after a while, from the sun, the glass turned purple. You can’t tell much from the photo but in person, you can tell, even more so when above ground.

Things To Know About Seattle, Underground Tour

Gum Wall

I had heard about the gum wall before but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to see it. It didn’t sound appealing. However, my aunt and I were wandering around after our daytime Underground tour. We were trying to find a shortcut to get to the market. And man, did we find a shortcut! We cut through one of the building and walked out the door. Suddenly, there was the Gum Wall! Since I was already there, I figured I’d take a photo. It is actually pretty cool looking, even though the idea that it’s people’s used gum is kinda gross…

Things To Know About Seattle, Gum Wall

I did so much that week I was in Seattle, I didn’t even get around to mentioning the Space Needle, Pike Market, or The Seattle Big Wheel. All of these will be covered in Things To Know About Seattle, Part 2 – which will be coming soon! Sign up for the weekly newsletter or follow me on social media to ensure you don’t miss the next post. 🙂

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