Top Things To Do In Paris

My first time in Paris, France was while I was in high school. I took French while in high school and we were able to take a three-week trip there one summer. That was so long ago so it’s difficult to write about now. However, I can write about the last time I was in Paris, France! My college roommate, her husband, her sister, and I all decided to travel to Paris for a few days and then go to Italy. Here are the top things I loved about Paris during that trip.


The first time I was in Paris, the Catacombs were undergoing maintenance so they were closed. I had always wanted to go so for this trip, I was finally able to go. It was incredible to go down the catacombs and read all about the history. Other than saying, “it was incredible”, it’s hard to describe it fully. I felt so many emotions while down there: sad, amazement just to name a couple. It’s incredible to think of how many people are “buried” there.

Catacombs in Paris

Although this may not be as popular of a tourist place as others in Paris, you will want to arrive early. This way you, hopefully, won’t be standing in line for too long before finally being able to go in. You may be able to buy your tickets online in advance but my friends and I didn’t do that so have no idea if you actually can.

Le Louvre

My first time I was in Paris, I was able to go to Le Louvre as well. However, we were all following our French teacher. She had very specific pieces of art that we were required to see. All of the French revolutionary art and of course, Mona Lisa. Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing all of it. But, when I saw there was an entire section dedicated to Egyptian art – that’s where I wanted to go.

Egyptian art Louvre - Paris, France

Since I wasn’t able to go during that first trip, my friend and I decided to spend an entire day at Le Louvre. I was so excited to have someone to join me and we have similar interests when it comes to art. So, I knew I’d finally be able to see the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek art. I also got to see the moat from the Medieval Louvre! Which I had no idea was there the first time I visited.

Medieval Louvre - Paris, France

My recommendation for this is to purchase your tickets in advance and arrive before Le Louvre opens. This way you can get into the museum right away to have more time to enjoy it. I also recommend going there with a plan for what areas you want to view so it’s easier to determine which areas to visit first. If you get tired, hang out on one of the many benches and rest your feet. Trust me, you will need to.

Louvre - Paris, France

Failing at touching the top of the Louvre!

Notre Dame

We went to Notre Dame on Easter Sunday. Not only did we do the tour but we also stayed for Easter service. Although I’m not Catholic (and if I’m being honest, haven’t been to a church in years), I am so happy that I was able to experience a service at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame - Paris, France

After the service, we enjoyed a picnic in the park behind Notre Dame. We had pâté, baguette, jam, and even a bottle of wine. Each one of us forgot a corkscrew so we had to get creative with uncorking our bottle. We also forgot glasses, so we just passed the bottle around between us. We were almost done with the bottle when a police officer (we think) informed us it was illegal to drink wine in the park and we needed to at least put it in regular cups. So, we quickly put it in a dark water bottle and then finished it off.

The lesson from this day is if you’re going to drink wine in a park, make sure you have glasses to hide what it is you’re drinking!

Notre Dame Park - Paris, France

Eiffel Tower

Everyone knows Paris for their Eiffel Tower. If you’re in Paris, you should definitely make it over there. Although I didn’t take the steps all the way to the top this trip, I had in the past. If you’re looking for amazing views of Paris, you will want to climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. Just be prepared for lots of stairs! The Eiffel Tower has 1710 steps. There are two elevators as an option as well.

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Moulin Rouge

Omg, this was probably my favorite part of the entire time in Paris! On my first trip to Paris, our French teacher only took us there to get a quick picture, from the Metro entrance. Once we got our pictures, off we went to our next venture. But for this trip, we actually bought tickets to a show at the Moulin Rouge. And, it was amazing!! Hands down, the best atmosphere and show I’ve ever seen!

Moulin Rouge - Paris, France

Le Chat Noir

Before we went to Moulin Rouge for our show, we went to the famous Le Chat Noir for drinks! Thankfully at the time we went, it wasn’t busy so we didn’t have to wait too long for a table. We then enjoyed our drinks, candy, and popcorn.

Le Chat Noir (Black Cat) - Paris, France Le Chat Noir (Black Cat) - Paris, France

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